Under age drinking is a problem with the youth because of movies and magazines that show that drinking is cool and will make you cool. Kids do not see how bad alcohol can be for your health and for your later life. Kids also do not realize that alcohol makes you make bad decisions and does not make you cool or popular.

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking has become a problem over the years. It started very small then the numbers got higher as the number of movies and other forms of ads for drinking and liquor increased. Drinking has a different effect on different people and some of the effects are not good. The bad effects that usually occur are car accidents, fights, unprotected sex, harassment, and many more consequences.

The youth of today do not know everything about drinking liquor and its effects. Drinking alcohol is bad for your body and can cause disease, alcohol poisoning (which leads to death), hangovers, and cancer. All of these are not good to have especially at a young age. Being an alcoholic means you are addicted to alcohol and yes alcohol is and addiction.

Alcohol affects your brain as well. From drinking alcohol you can suffer vision impairment, impaired memory, slow reaction time, slurred speech, difficulty walking. All of these come from drinking.

Drinking is bad for you because of all of these reasons. Yet all of this is bad you can stay healthy from drinking if you drink at meals and only small proportions.