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The illegal use of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs is creating a huge problem for Major League Baseball and the rest of America. A problem with the professionals taking steroids is that the steroids pose significant health issues for the player and will reduce their life span by around 10 years. The professional’s life however is not even half of the problem, a different emerging problem is that America’s youth desire to be like the professionals so now they might emulate the pro athlete’s behavior and take these extremely dangerous drugs. Besides these problems there are many more to solve and performance enhancing drugs have now become a national concern.
Before the year of 1935, no one knew that anabolic steroids enhance the growth of muscle tissue. In 1935 two researchers experimenting with a type of anabolic steroids on dogs discovered that testosterone given under specified conditions can make muscle mass grow. In 1956, a medicine Dianabol was first put on the market which began the safe ways to use anabolics. At first only men in first class, extremely high strength sports abused steroids but by 1964 anabolic steroids were becoming a much bigger problem in the Olympics.


When steroids were first noticed as an emergent problem, scientists declared that there was no evidence that steroids increased muscle size or enhanced performance. These scientists even said that the hefty use of steroids could lead to toxic side effects in all users and even death in some users. Professional athletes did not believe these comments and did not see any of their teamates dropping dead so this news was immediately discredited among athletes.


As anabolic steroid’s reputation grew, other sports began to use these illegal drugs. Today the only Olympic sports where there has been no abuse of anabolic steroids detected are women’s field hockey, and figure skating. This illegal use did not stop either. On December 13, 2007The Mitchell Report, released by Senator George Mitchell named 89 Major League Baseball players that have allegedly used steroids illegally. Steroids are a growing problem in The United States and throughout the world and America needs to prevent the use of these dangerous drugs.


Graphs and Conclusions
Conclusion : This graph states that the majority of MLB players believe steroids is a big problem. This graphs shows that steroids need to be stopped because people think they are taking over the game. More than 75% of MLB players think that steroids played a role in several of the record breaking performances that have occurred over the last couple years.

Conclusion: This graph illustrates that over the years more and more teenagers are taking steroids and this problem needs to stop. This graph also shows that if these numbers continue to go up that soon 25% of teenagers will be taking steroids. This graph also shows that 10th and 12th graders percentage of kids who take steroids is going up at much too high of a rate

Conclusion: This graphs shows that more than almost 1/4 of students who took steroids have had severe mood disturbances and depression. The graph also illustrates that steroids have changed these kids' lives and made their lives difficult. Although only 1/4 of the kids reporting steroid abuse have these bad traits it is still way to high and this problem is very serious.

Conclusion: This graph shows that a gigantic amount of animals that were injected with steroids became aggressive. This graph also illustrates that more than 75% of people who took steroids have become aggressive. This graph is very dramatic because if this is the case with humans too, many steroids abusers will become aggressive and go wild.

This is a documentary done on steroids in baseball and its dangers and effects.

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