My topic, stem cell research is very important for the development of science especially in the medicinal area. This research has the possibility to prevent many deadly diseases and save many lives. A big issue about stem cell research is that it is not governmentally funded. This is because an embryo is considered a human life, and the embryos used in the research never live. There are many pros and cons about stem cell research. It is a very important and controversial topic.


Stem cell research began in the 1800’s, when scientist found that certain types of cell could generate blood cells. There are three different types of stem cell, Totipotent stem cells, Pluripotent stem cells, and Multipotent stem cells. The Totipotent stem cells come form the early embryos. These stem cells can create full organisms, although they are the most controversial type of stem cell. Pluripontent stem cells are derived from the inner mass of the blastocyst of a cell. They are able to from any type of blood cell in the human body. Multipotent stem cells are derived from fetal tissue, cord blood, and adult stem cells. Although the Multipotent stem cells do not have as many uses as the other types the are very useful.

Stem Cell research has the possibility to save many lives. Although in the process of saving many lives we may also be destroying many. This is why stem cell research is such a controversial matter.
This graph shows how each political party views Stem Cell Research. For each party a much higher percentage of people are for Stem Cell Research. This also means we may want to push for more government funded research centers.

This graph shows the number of people who support Stem Cell Research in the US. As you can see the Majority of Americans support Stem Cell Research. This means we may want to push for more government funded research centers.
This graph shows the amount of money each state puts into Stem Cell Research each year. California spends he most amount of money. Indiana spends no money on Stem Cell research because of a bill that was passed a few years ago.