Stealing Music

Music piracy has grown to become an increasingly alarming presence among the teenagers in America. More and more kids are stealing music, the affects of which can be seen all over. CD prices are being jacked up because fewer people are buying them, so the people who do not steal are forced to pay more. Many people lose jobs too. In the US this year alone, 71,060 people lost their jobs due to piracy. The US lost approximately $12.5 billion dollars in music sales, and 422 million dollars in tax revenues that could be funding our schools, and our hospitals.

This graph represents the amount of people who have burned a full album for a friend. There is a grey area in terms of the legality of this because it is giving someone else music for free, but it’s not for commercial use.

This graph symbolizes illegal music downloaded by kids and teachers in our community. 43 people were surveyed. About 65.12% of people have not downloaded music illegally, while the other 34.88% said they had.

This was the global level of music piracy in 2006. 17 percent of all music revenue was pirate. Meaning that an extra 6.5 billion dollars should have been made by the music industry in ’06.

These were the three countries with the largest music industries in 2006. The larger bars represent revenue brought in by the music industry and the smaller bar is revenue lost. While the smaller bar doesn’t look like it amounts to much, keep in mind the US’s revenue lost is more than 600 million.

Most people aren’t even aware stealing music is wrong. According to a 2004 survey, only 48% of kids had heard that stealing music was wrong. It’s the same as stealing anything else. You are taking money right out of the artist’s pocket. But it isn’t only the artists that it affects. Many kids will tell you that they only steal music from artists who are already mainstream. But would you steal from the delivery man, bringing the equipment to the studio, or the engineer who mixes it? They are just a few of the recipients from the profit of the CD


Despite all this, more than 80% of teenagers have taken part in some sort of music piracy in the past 6 months. 86% of teenagers believe that stealing music is either acceptable or not even a moral issue; but if crime is a social issue, and stealing is a crime, then what are you really doing when you’re downloading music illegally? Stealing. Whether it’s burning a CD for a friend or downloading it illegally, its taken a serious toll on the music industry and it’s still growing. We have to stop it where it stands and heal our aching music industry.


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