Brainstorming Topic Ideas
  • Questions regarding topic ideas
  • Grading Rubric

Topic Ideas - Brainstorming Session (8B)

Topic Ideas - Brainstorming Session (8A)

Advisor Discussion and Final Topic Selection
  • Final selection and relevant questions
  • List online and other resources
  • Grading rubric

Research Guidelines
  • Instructions for research phase
  • Grading rubric

Guidelines for "Home" Page
  • Brief synopsis of topic and social issue
  • Find, save one relevant image
  • Grading rubric

Guidelines for "History" Page
  • Background and importance of social issue surrounding topic
  • Grading rubric
  • Example

Data Collection Guidelines
  • Information to assist with data collection
  • Grading rubric

Guidelines for Math Page
  • Creating graphs & drawing conclusions
  • Grading rubric

Bibliography Guidelines
  • Bibliography information
  • Examples
  • Image Source Examples