Oil Dependency

By: Philip G
Oil dependency is an important topic which, if ignored, could cause a breakdown of the American society. The need for another kind of fuel which the US can produce is important because first, if the US can sell the product it could earn cash, and, second, it could be used to decrease the dependency on other countries for oil. Reducing oil dependency and finding a new kind of fuel is necessary to achieve for the US to have a better economy.

Oil dependency, an important issue in today’s society, will decide whether the United State’s economy grows or falls short of the minimum and collapses. One way to ending oil dependency is to create an alternate fuel which will replace oil as the main provider of power for our cars. We were even warned of Oil Dependency in the newspaper in 1970. The paper story, “Limits to Growth,” warned us that there would be shortages in oil. But contrarily to the news, politicians reassured the public that there would be no shortage of oil.

Energy Source | Percentage of total
Petroleum | 44%
Coal | 24%
Natural Gas | 20%
Nuclear | 8%
Hydro power | 2%
Solar, Wind, etc. | 2%

Since 1960, oil discoveries have dwindled. We will have to replace oil with electricity or some other energy that is renewable and is ecologically friendly. This conversion will be good for the environment and will remove the US from foreign oil dependency. Currently the US makes only about 40% of the barrels of oil used per day. The other 60% is imported into the country. But oil production in the US has decreased and the imports from other parts of the world have increased.

Imports have risen from 11,000,000 to 12,000,000. But since 2005, the US has become more aware of the problem of Oil Dependency. Hopefully more people will become more fuel efficient and reduce this number even more.

The consumption of oil increased the most in the period of two years, from 2002 to 2004. Also during 2004 through 2007, the US has increased awareness of the oil dilemma and has become more fuel efficient.

Renewable energy consumption has increased since 2001, where it was at around 7,000. In 2005, Renewable energy is above 8,000. So, People are becoming more aware of Oil Dependency.

This youtube video talks about oil dependency and includes some graphs.


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