Desire 2 Inquire
The inquiry project (IP) is an interdisciplinary culminating project that will take place during the 2nd semester of 8th grade. Each student will choose a topic based on their interests and passions with some guidance from their teachers and/or mentors. The purpose of the IP is to allow students to do a long-term project that peaks their curiosity and encourages creativity, organization, and superior depth of research and knowledge in one area. It is a great way for the students to learn about one specific area of interest from many different perspectives.


Here are the goals of the Inquiry Project:

To have the opportunity to learn about a topic in which YOU have an interest.
To identify important social issues within your topic area.
To raise awareness and gain knowledge about the social issue you chose.

To refine and utilize important researching skills.
To research your topic area and how it relates to current social issues and possible inequities.
To find relevant data on your topic and draw your own conclusions.

To create a wiki page on this space including images, and interesting facts from several different academic perspectives to educate our local and global communities.