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Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage Pregnancy is when a girl between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, becomes pregnant. Alot of risks follow teen pregnancy becuase in an effort to hide their prgenancy, the teenage mothers do not go to a doctor and recieve care. The number of teens becoming pregnant has been declining steadily throughout the United States.

The global trend of teenage pregnancy has been steadily decreasing in wealthier nations, but in poverty stricken countries the percent of teens that are mothers has increased. In 2002, there was an estimated 76.4 per 1000 teenage pregnancies, down about 10% from 2000. From 1990 to 2000 the rate of teenage pregnacies dropped by 35%. The United Kingdom has the highest rate of teen pregnancies and the highest rate of abortions in the European Union. Overall, in highly developed and wealthy nations, the rate of teen pregnancy has been decreasing, but in third world countries the rate of teen pregnancies is floucouating.

There are many risks and diseases assocaited with teen pregnancy. If the girl tries to hide her pregnancy many complications can occur becuase she will not recieve the neccessary medical help and attention. Also, numerous complications can arise from not being able to have the baby becuase your body is not mature or developed enough. Alot of pregnant teen mothers do not recieve adequate health care becuase they are not as knowledgeable about their pregnancy.

Statutory rape is when an adult has sex with a minor. In many cases, the young woman is a minor and the father of the child is an adult. This further cpmplicates matters because it is considered a form of rape and the adult is put in jail, depriving the child of a father.





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