Sequence and Timeline

Project Sequence
  • Brainstorm topics of personal interest.
  • Meet with adviser to narrow & chose topic.
  • Research: internet, library, possible interview (Email adviser, update, support)
  • Write rough drafts
  • Edit with adviser
  • Write final drafts
  • Create a Wiki entry which will include:
    • Synopsis of your topic
    • Background information
    • Math information
    • Your conclusions
    • Bibliography
  • Meet with adviser for final review
  • Final presentation

January 8-11

Introduce project and pick 2-4 topics of interest
January 14-25

Narrow to 1 topic and meet with advisor
January 28-Feb 8

Research, collect information and images and cite sources
February 8-14

Write rough draft for synopsis entry (Word doc)
Feb 25-Mar 10

Write rough draft for background information (Word doc)
March 10-20

Collect and analyze data for math entry (Word doc/Excel)
March 25-31

Create charts & draw conclusions (Excel)
Mar 31-Apr 4

Prepare bibliography
April 14-18

Last edit & formalize final drafts
April 18-May 1

Enter information onto Wiki page
May 5-16

Create physical presentation & begin to hang
May 19-22

Finalize displays & presentation for Town Community
May 22nd 4pm: Presentation for Parents and Town School Community