Pit Bulls

There are many misconceptions about numerous different breeds of dogs, but one of the most poorly treated, and misunderstood dog breed today is the Pit Bull Terrier. There are countless myths and half-truths surrounding the dog breed, and just as many ill-informed people. These people deserve to know the truth about the Pit Bull; they must be informed that pit bulls are not killers.
In the world, there are organizations, such as BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), and laws that are trying to be passed to eliminate Pit Bulls. Just because some badly trained Pit Bulls have wronged, it doesn’t mean that every Pit Bull needs to be executed. What if the government says that you must be put to death just because a few people of your ethnicity have killed others? Pit Bulls deserve a chance to live, just like any other of us. Many people look at the bad pit bulls that have mauled people, but no one has ever mentioned any of the wonderful, well-trained, and polite Pit Bulls out in the world. It’s as if people are trying to make Pit Bulls look bad by showing only the bad side of pit bulls, only looking at the empty half of the glass. If you look at the positive side of Pit Bulls, you will be able to realize that there are many more good Pit Bulls than bad ones.


Breed Specific legislation, BSL, is any law that restricts and prohibits selective dog breeds, such as the Pit Bull. Many dogs, not even Pit Bulls have been killed, or taken away by BSL. Innocent dogs that are mistaken for Pit Bulls have been euthanized because someone mistook them for other breeds. Pit Bulls that have never showed signs of aggression or anything wrong in any way have been taken away from their loving families, and eradicated. I believe that it is best that BSL should be removed from the government. I would like everyone who comes to this page to honor the poor, helpless dogs who have been taken away from their loving families and killed by BSL


Some of the myths surrounding the Pit Bull can go as crazy as “Pit Bulls can’t feel pain.” Use common sense, they are living breathing creatures, and, like any other of us, they can feel pain. Here is a list of many other myths that are circulating around the world:

  • All pits are mean or vicious
    No, not all Pit Bulls are vicious, just like any other dog breeds, if they are properly trained, and well looked after by responsible loving owners, they are vicious. Most of the Pit Bulls that have mauled people were not well trained, or badly treated. Pit Bulls have been tested by the ATTS (American Temperament Testing Society), a organization that performs uniform temperament evaluations of different dog breeds. According to the tests results, Pit Bulls (84.3%) did just as well as Labrador Retrievers (84.2%), and did better than Chihuahuas (70.3%), Poodles (76.6%), Beagles (79.7%), Collies (79.2%), and Shih Tzu’s (76.9%). Out of any other dog breed, Pit Bulls are the most loyal to their owners, they will do almost anything too please their owners, even dog fight.
    Kyle_Graph1__1.jpgAccording to these graphs, Pit Bulls are
    just as much, or even less dangerous
    than a typical Golden Retriever,
    a supposed non dangerous dog

  • Pit Bulls have locking jaws / 9000 PSI jaw power
    Pit Bulls do not have locking jaws, or any other kind of different jaw either. Studies of the jaw prove that a Pit Bull’s jaw is the same as any other breed of dog. There is no possible way to measure how much exact PSI a dogs jaw has, the amount of pressure a dog applies only depends on how the dog is motivated.
  • A Pit Bull that shows aggression towards other dogs/animals will come after humans next
Beside the fact that there is a big difference between dog/dog aggression, and dog/human aggression; most animals, including dogs, are born with a natural aggression towards other domesticated, and/or wild animals. This natural aggression can be seen with the natural habit of chasing smaller animals, such as birds, squirrels, or even other dogs. A dog that shows aggression towards another dog may just be trying to protect its master, you never know…
  • Pit Bulls are unpredictable around children
It is surprisingly quite the opposite. Pit Bulls have a long history as a great children companion and pet. Pit Bulls tend to be drawn towards the joyfulness of young children. Well trained Pit Bulls are actually the perfect breed of dog for children because of their patience, durability, and most of all their protection.
  • Pit Bulls are more likely to bite than other dog breeds
Dogs that are more likely to bite are dogs of the more popular breeds of the time, such as Labs, Poodles, and Golden Retrievers. Any dog of any breed no matter what can bite, although poorly trained and/or neglected dogs are more likely to actually bite. It more depends on how the dog is trained and treated rather than the breed. The behavior of the dog also depends on the owners conceptions of that breed. If an owner believes that the dog breed is an aggressive dog, they might unknowingly create a bad dog; they might mold the situation to their liking.