Moon Drifting

by Chase

Moon drifting, an ever present crisis in our lives, will change the face of the world forever. The moon slowly drifts away from the Earth 1.5 inches per year. This means that in 10 billion years we will have no moon. This occurrence will drastically alter the Earth’s tilt, resulting in ice ages, as well as an extreme change in the Earth’s oceanography. Everyone will be affected, everyone will suffer. We must raise awareness and act now, before it’s too late.

Background Page
The Moon; It is the celestial body we see every night when we gaze upon the stars. It is the large grey blob looming in the sky, watching over the Earth, waiting ever so silently to drive our world into chaos. It is the keeper of the tides and master of the Earth’s axis, overlord of our doom.
Moon drifting is the theory that the moon is slowly drifting away from the Earth at approximately 1.5 inches per year. Due to gravity between the Earth and moon, each time the moon rotates around the Earth it slowly moves away. This means the moon must have been much closer to the Earth at one point, and it had a very great effect on the tides, which is probably why many landmasses used to be covered in water. In 10 billion years, the moon will be a completely separate satellite and no longer in the Earth’s gravitational pull.
The Earth’s tilt will drastically change from the normal 23.5to an insane 60 degree tilt without the gravitational affects of the moon. This abnormal alteration will cause climate changes such as ice ages and floods. The moon also serves as a shield from asteroids that would crush and pummel our Earth.Without the moon to regulate the tides, these floods will be lethal and uncontrollable. We must start researching technologies to prevent this, or we shall all surely perish. It is a world issue, not just a problem for a select group of people, it affects everyone and we will all suffer unless we act now. Planning ahead for this catastrophic event will save lives.

Graphs and Conclusions



From these graphs, one can see how poorly nasa is funded, and the amazing journey the moon has made over the past billion years.

It's slow departure will destroy all that we hold dear.
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