Excessive Electronic Use
An enormous amount of people including myself use electronics everyday for work and recreation. What they do not know is that by using these fun tools they are highly increasing their chances of getting deadly forms of cancer and are creating an addiction. Radiation is exerted from almost all electronic devices and by informing people of this dangerous health hazards from cell phones, T.V's, and video games, lives can be saved.


Up to 5 million kids are addicted to video games and 90% of American teenagers play video games. In June 2007 the video game addiction percentages were so large that people tried to label it as a disorder. Video games have caused affects such as fantasy life on line replaces reality relationships, worsening grades and dropping sports clubs. Health risks also include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sleep Disturbances,
Back Aches, Head Aches, Dry Eyes, and Failure to Eat.

Korean Boot Camp For Video Game Addicts

How do video games affect your health? Untitled-2.jpg
Worsening Grades and
Dropping Sports and Clubs
Angry or Irritable when they are not playing video games
Fantasy life on line replaces reality relationships
Large Phone or Credit Bills
Health Risks
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sleep Disturbaces
Back Aches
Head Aches
Dry Eyes
Failure to Eat.
Cell Phone Liabilities and Health Risks
In Sweeden they studied 905 adults with brain tumors and found out that people with
2,000 hours of talk time have increased their risk by 3.5%
Phones use a very low level of radiation that is used in a microwave. The waves go through the tissue which causes it to start to heat up.
The waves are Called Radio Frequencey or (Rf).Untitled-5.jpg
The link below is a video which presents many of the problems that video games have presented.

The radiation is called ionizing and is absorbed by tissue which breaks molecules apart
Ways to prevent ionizing areto Use headset or speaker phone mode, or have shorter conversations. Effects are greatest on growing organisms (children) so do not have them spend to long on their cell phones.

In Sweden it was also found that people using there phone for a decade or more quadruple their risk of acoustic neuromas
The same professor who discovered that cell phones can be very dangerous has a new hunch about Wi-Fi or wireless internet.
We have just gotten city wide Wi-Fi will that affect us?
Already a few people are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and throughout the last few years there has been more concern about this condition.
Cell Phones and Wi-Fi release extremely similar radiations which show that there is probably a good chance that the wireless internet will affect people and especially kids.

Another device that shows how electronics can be harmful to yourself is from T.V or computer screens. Fast electrons sweep across the screen of a t.v or a computer and this creates the picture for entertainment in the form of television and videogames. The electrons can escape from the t.v at different frequencies which are bad for your health. Below is a diagram of how this happens.