This webpage is dedicated to informing people about the deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Deforestation is devastating the Amazon with farmers clearing the land for their crops, fires, logging, and cattle ranches. If this deforestation does not stop in the next century the rainforest will be no more.

Deforestation in the Amazon started in the 1960’s. Farmers were allowed a small portion to farm near the river but otherwise the forest was very heavily controlled and not many people were allowed inside of it. The turning point that sent the deforestation into action was colonists arrived and started farming. The colonists were not very educated on farming and cultivating the type of terrain that was provided for them. The solution for their incapability to farm the land was to deforest the land to have more land to farm. That is what triggered the deforestation and now the farmers have their ranches on the deforested portions of the land.

Farming is not the only source of deforestation. Cattle ranches are 60% the main source of deforestation in the Amazon. The next highest is small scale agriculture at 33%. Next are fires, urbanization, mining, road construction and dams at 3%. Also at 3% is logging illegally and legally. 1% of the deforestation is large scale commercial agriculture.

This issue is a major problem for not only the inhabitants of the Amazon’s vast expanse of forest but also the entire world. The Amazon is the biggest rainforest in the world and plays a big role in cleaning the air that we all breathe. It is predicted that in the next 2 decades 40% of the forest will be deforested.




By looking at these graphs and reseraching the topic of deforestation I feel as though everyone throughout the world should make an effort to stop this horrible devastation. By cutting down the trees the benefeits for cutting them down does not equalize the consequences for cutting them down. The trees help clean the air we all breathe and by cutting down the trees we are eliminating the purifiers of oxygen. Also by cutting the trees down it increases the price of grain. Since all the trees are being cut down the deforested land is used for mainly for farming and the farmers have to buy the seeds and grain for their crops. But there is not enough grain so with each deforested plot of land and a new farmer buying that land the price of grain goes up. Also the cutting down of trees constitutes to climate change makes irregular weather patterns. The forest is being logged at a much faster rate If this is not stopped soon there will be no more amazon rainforest and then the loggers will realize what a horrible situation they have put themselves in but more so there descendants.

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