Dangers and Evolution of Cell Phones


Cell Phones have rapidly evolved in the last 50 years, their range, size, weight, and features have improved at an incredible speed. But as technology evolves, more risks come into play or the same risks become greater. In the case of cell phones, as they have evolved the amount of radiation used has become greater. The amount of radiation used in today’s cell phones has been known to cause tumors and cause the brain to loose an essential barrier that protects it from harmful substances in the blood stream. It is only going to get worse as cell phones evolve more and more. The improvement of all technology is endless, and the risks will just keep getting higher unless this is addressed.
Historia (History):

In 1843 a man by the name of Michael Faraday studied to see if space could conduct electricity. This was the base of all mobile communication, including the cell phone, walkie talkie, etc. In the year 1865 Docter Mahlon Loomis was the person to communicate through wireless atmosphere.

The first commercial cell phone was given a patent in 1908, but they were not put on the market for few years. Martin Cooper was the inventor. He was aided in his amazing accomplishment by the designer of the cell phone, Rudy Krolupp. The first cell phone was a whopping 4 pounds that is more than the average laptop today. They cost 3,995 dollars, and that is twice as much as a laptop today.

Today’s average cell phone is about 100 dollars, and some are free. They are much lighter, about 2.5 ounces on average. But as technology evolves more risks come into play. The main risk factor in using cell phones is the transmission of radiation during a conversation.

Peligrosos (Dangers):

This transmission of radiation will gradually change the way that the brain functions and possibly cause tumors. It is believed by London scientist that the changes could disable a safety barrier in the body which is meant to protect the brain from harmful substances in the blood. If an immense amount of these substances reach the brain it can slow the way it reacts and tells the body what to do. For example, the brain will have trouble telling the body to lift your arm etc. and it would take more time to do.

Graficos (Graphs):

Many Materials used in the making of cell phones are dangerous as well. Once the phone is discarded these materials are leeched into the ground and/or the local water supply!



As you can see the number of cell phones sold each year in America (in Millions) has increased by 700% since 1997 and it is continuously going up. People do not only buy cell phones because they break but because a new version comes out and the current phone is considered "outdated."


Along with the amount of cell phones sold each year, the number of Americans who use cell phones has gone from 1 million to 65 million people. Compare that to the number of cell phones sold each year!! there is no need for all of these phones to be created and then dumped in a land fill. They should be recycled properly and reused to make new phones.


Cell phones are not only dangerous to the environment but to humans too! As said above cell phones release radiation that effect the brain while using any wireless function on a cell phone. This is a chart that shows the SAR rating or how much radiation they give off for 5 major cell phone manufacturing companies.


Conlusion (Conlusion):

To fix these two major issues there are many things that people must consider. Special radiation covers for certain phones can reduce the radiation tremendously. Also if you notice that your manufacturer is has a high SAR rating consider recycling phone and purchasing a phone with a lower SAR rating. For the environmental issues, there are three things we need to do, REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE cellular phones.