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Car Emissions and Pollution


Exhaust from car and other vehicle emissions are a very bad problem in today’s society. Did you know that the average person’s most polluting act is just driving a car? Or that exhaust fumes can increase the risk of asthma in kids? Or even that certain types of car exhaust, such as hydrocarbons, can react with sunlight and create a ground level o-zone that can harm the eyes and lungs? Exhaust is a very real problem, and it needs to be stopped.

(1 teragram = 1 trillion grams)
This graph shows that transportation is the SECOND largest cause of greenhouse gases when talking about Fossil Fuel Combustion. If America’s population would use public transportation more, or even just switch to using a hybrid or electric car, that stat could be lowered significantly.
This graph shows that from 1990 to 2000, our car manufacturing companies had been increasing their cars gas mileages. But somewhere in between 2000 and 2008, the gas mileage for an average car dropped by 7 miles per gallon. If the mpg’s keep dropping at this current rate, then the average car in 2016 will get an mile per gallon of 11.
As you can see from this graph, the Prius and the Chevrolet Volt Concept car both have relatively high top speeds and are not “weak and wimpy”, as some people think. They may not be as high as the Ferrari but, if you think about it, how many people can legally drive at 193 mph anyway?

Exhaust from ANYTHING is a very bad problem in current day and it needs to be brought under control. 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation fuels and half of a million people die every year from those particle emissions. Some people who drive their cars don’t even realize that they are contributing to the death of that many people. This just shows that electric cars and hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more essential for the health of people living in the USA.

Also, an analysis done by the University of Southern California shows that the risk of death from any pollution related cause rose from 6% to 17% for each increase in the level of fine particles found in vehicle exhaust, smoke, or industrial emissions in the air. The reason that percentage has risen might in part be because of the fact that the average mile per gallon for cars dropped by a whole mile from 1989 to 1998 and is still dropping now. In essence, the fact that mpg’s are dropping means that more gas is being burned, and more harmful particles are being released into the air, killing more people and the enivronment.


In conclusion, if everyone would just use public transportation, or get an electric car/hybrid, the world would be much better off. The asthma risk and damage to people inhaling that pollution would go down. I estimate that if everyone carpooled more, and used public transportation more, pollution would go down roughly 10%. That 10% of pollution that wasn't there wouldn't be inhaled, and the 50,000 people (10% of half a million) would NOT die, because they hadn't breathed that missing pollution.


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